About me

I have always felt strongly connected to animals, so when I was 18 started my studies at the Veterinary Medicine School. After some years, I left College convinced there must be another way of improving animals.
I was looking for some new way not involving surgeries, painful treatments or euthanasia.
Some time after that I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Electromagnetical Hypersensitivity and Fibromialgia. Doctors could do nothing for me, and randomly I heard about the Yuen Method.
After recovering miraculously from those conditions with Dr. Kam Yuen (Doctors assured me I was never going to recover) I became a Master and Instructor of the Yuen Method.


My goal is to make people realize they can improve themselves with no treatments, no drugs and no suffering. Also they can improve their pets and start communicating telepathically with them.